Baltimore’s Best Urgent Care

We believe we're the best urgent care.
Here are 3 reasons why you should, too.

Reason #1
Priority Care Never Makes You Wait

Waiting RoomMajor urgent care chains advertise that you can quickly be seen by a physician without long waits. So why do you always wait when you arrive?

Priority Care's goal is to have patients in AND out within one hour, meaning the most you'll wait is 15 minutes. Why do our patient's wait less?

It's simple really; our staff has over forty years of experience working in emergency rooms. And we don't employ first year medical student who learn on their patients like other urgent care centers. Priority Care's staff understands the importance of seeing patients quickly, diagnosing & treating them correctly, and moving on to help someone else. Which means you won't sit long in the waiting room OR the examination room.

Reason #2
Our Team Lives to Serve

Customer Service CollageLet's just be honest about service for a second. We simply can't prove how great our service is unless you visit.

But, if we have to prove it, perhaps you could read some of the reviews that are beginning to accumulate around the Internet. Go ahead and compare those to our competition. Or you could call one of our offices and talk to a member of our staff for a minute; then call one of our competitors. You probably noticed the difference, right? If you call our Baltimore office we recommend talking to Pam, she's one of our patients' favorites. Sandy's a real doll, too.

Reason #3
We Have the Best Urgent Care Equipment and Facility

cat-scan-in-arbutusBaltimore is one of the most competitive healthcare cities in the world. Our founders understand just how competitive it is. They decided that this urgent care needed cutting edge medical equipment and to have a better location. That's why Priority Care's first location is located on the ground floor of Baltimore's famous and historic Broom Factory. And the second location is the in the newly renovated Merritt Property in Halethorpe. It's also why we've partnered with some of the top providers of medical equipment from around the world.

Walk-in or call for an appointment and we promise a doctor will have you in and out in an hour.